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Ataxia · -- · Arc · I

Anarchy in the Sky

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Ataxia is a real word. It's supposedly a synonym of chaos, although used more oftenly as a name for a type of dystrophy, medically. In truth, the reason for this name is because... the creator thought it sounded cool.

As a word of advice, all links lead to locked posts.

Ataxia // Rules AKA Lack of Rules

Unlike most RPs, Ataxia is highly casual. There's no rule that you have to do something every week, or that you have to stick strictly to the main plot. (What plot?) Ataxia exists mostly for the sake of improving RP skills, especially characterizations and reacting to bizzare plot twists, and to have fun. Because the creator and moderator likes to participate in OC RPs, but there are few good ones to go around, and most of which are saturated with drama anyway. Which brings me to my next point.

There is a low tolerance for drama between participants. Drama breaks out, people cry, it's not pretty -- especially since the members of Ataxia are mostly already friends, or a friend of a friend. Drama? No. If characters' actions start influencing peoples' actual feelings toward each other, automatic story reset. ... On that note, don't take hostile characters to mean a hostile RPer. I'd like a few mean characters to run around, it's realistic.

However, despite the realism of the issue, there are a few character actions that require you to ask the other RPer for consent before you take that action, or plot twist. As of the moment, these are:

1) Rape. This is probably one of the most sensitive plot devices flying around. Granted, I do like the interesting things that could happen after such an incident in an RP, but as it is also very emotionally disturbing to most people, I ask that you ask the entire community if it's okay, and then the other RPer specifically. Even then, because the majority of us are minors and I personally don't want us nuked, please use a black-out as soon as possible. If important dialogue happened during it, cite it later or something. If this happened sometime in the character's past, vague references are okay. Going into traumatic reactions also requires the consent of the community.

2) Character murder. Inevitably, someone's going to die in an RP sometime, though it's usually an NPC or something. Feel free to kill your own character off if you get really bored or something (make the death scene believable!), but if you're going to take an action that potentially endangers someone else's character's life, ask them permission first, because it's their character, after all.

Okay, change of topic.

Characters and gameplay... because Ataxia is played on IRC, and registering nicknames is a pain (for me, at least), try to chose a name that borders on neuter-sounding, if you plan on playing a different gender eventually. Basically, you keep the same character name, although your character can be completely different in the next story arc. Directions for getting and connecting to IRC can be found here.

Sessions held on IRC will be saved (if we don't forget to do so) and posted to the community underneath a cut, with a public summary for those who have a lot of catching up to do.

Ataxia // Application

Why the heck do you want to join, anyway? Well, if you don't know the moderator or one of the moderator's friends personally, reply to this post. All comments are screened. Because the moderator and creator is paranoid, you might not be accepted. Don't take it too personally.

Ataxia // General Links

IRC Setup

Fan Works

Ataxia // Current Arc Information

Current Arc // 1

Beginning Prompt

Story Summary

Character List and Application Form

Last updated 8/1/06. This post has been backdated into the far future, so that it stays on top. Also added several more links, and a general section.
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